HELLO... scroll below to VIEW and SEE a list of our many fun and exciting River Trips and Fremont Reservoir Paddle options. Just CLICK on the BOX you are interested in for full information and/or to make your reservation. River Trips & Events have specific days/times they depart and you need to book and confirm a minimum of 2-hours before launch to confirm participation. River Trips also require a minimum of 4 people, we will combine couples/singles, or sometimes offer other time options, etc... in order to try and meet our minimum amounts. Fremont Reservoir Kayak rentals and/or Sunset paddles do not require reservations and are sold on a first come first serve basis.


We are starting a fun PADDLE & SAVE opportunity for anyone who paddles with us this season. Any rental (River or Reservoir) gets a PUNCH on this card and after 6 rentals the 7th one is FREE. That also means that if DAD pays for the family to take a trip or a spin around the Reservoir... he will get ALL the PUNCHES on his card as he PAID for everyone!!!!! More info and cards available at the A-Frame or Yak Shack this year!


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