HELLO... scroll below to VIEW and SEE a list of our many fun and exciting River Trips and Fremont Reservoir Paddle options. Just CLICK on the BOX you are interested in for full information and/or to make your reservation. River Trips & Events have specific days/times they depart and you need to book and confirm a minimum of 2-hours before launch to confirm participation. River Trips also require a minimum of 4 people, we will combine couples/singles, or sometimes offer other time options, etc... in order to try and meet our minimum amounts. Fremont Reservoir Kayak rentals and/or Sunset paddles do not require reservations and are sold on a first come first serve basis.




Interested in a BACHELOR/BACHELORETTE or Bride and Groom Family event or maybe a Couples Paddling as One Experience... shoot us a quick email with what you are interested in and we will get back to you with more details and options, etc... CLICK HERE to email us or call us at 419-455-4364


We are starting a fun PADDLE & SAVE opportunity for anyone who paddles with us this season. Any rental (River or Reservoir) gets a PUNCH on this card and after 6 rentals the 7th one is FREE. That also means that if DAD pays for the family to take a trip or a spin around the Reservoir... he will get ALL the PUNCHES on his card as he PAID for everyone!!!!! More info and cards available at the A-Frame or Yak Shack this year!


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