The Turners’ love for Halloween inspired them to open the Haunted Hydro and now their love for the outdoors and kayaking gave them a new idea to start a kayaking business, playing off the success of their Haunted Attraction, and Ghoul Runnings Kayak Adventures was born.


David Thornbury

I am so excited to hear that Ghoul Runnings Kayak Adventure is coming to our area!  The Sandusky River, which runs through Fremont, is a natural draw for people.  Kayaking the river is a wonderful way to take in the natural beauty from a different perspective, not only from the shoreline but while floating down the river in kayaks.  Our river is famous among fishermen; now it can be famous with kayakers and outdoor enthusiasts as well!

Peggy Courtney
Executive Director
Sandusky County Convention & Visitors Bureau

Some of the best memories that I have from my childhood go back the many canoeing trips we took on the Sandusky River. I now have continued that on with my kids and have had several wonderful kayaking runs that my kids will now have as fun memories on the river with their dad.

David Thornbury
Graphic Designer/Marketing Specialist
SCCVB - Sandusky County Convention & Visitors Bureau

I remember canoeing down the Sandusky River many times with my father and my little brother starting from Tiffin and ending at the old Broken Paddle Canoe Livery... many good times on that River with my brother and father.  I am so glad we are starting something up new and exciting for the Sandusky River in the Fremont area. I am looking forward to being a part of this new adventure in Kayaking! 

Fast forward 20 years now I kayak down the Sandusky River with my son and I'm glad there's something for people to do with their children on the river.

Jonathan Cantu

For 30+ years, the Haunted Hydro Dark Attraction Park has been a very important part of tourism in Sandusky County. Bob and Beth's love and commitment to Sandusky County shines through with their fun and innovative ideas all year long. The Haunted Hydro is so much more than a Halloween haunted house! They have truly created a unique place for people from all walks of life.

Rachel Wynkoop
Executive Director
Sandusky County Chamber of Commerce

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