"Have always enjoyed the water… so it seemed natural to start a new business that revolves around it!"

Letter from the Owner:

GHOUL RUNNINGS is a 2021 NEW Kayak Adventure business that will offer guided and self-guided tours down the scenic Sandusky River, beautiful Fremont Reservoir and many other Sandusky County small watercraft Hot-Spots! There motto is: “LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO STAY INSIDE AND NOT ENJOY THE GREAT OUTDOORS” We will be offering several exciting options please read our PRESS RELEASE with all the details below. We hope you will support and follow our efforts this first year as we bring paddling fun back to our Community!

Now… you may be wondering… why we named it GHOUL RUNNINGS… well… you see… my husband, Crazy Bob and I have run the Haunted Hydro Dark Attraction Park in Fremont for 32 years. It borders the Sandusky River was built in 1910 and was a Hydro Electric Power plant that was fully operational until the mid-1940’s. Many of the river- runner tours will take you right past our Hydro historic structure. So “GHOUL” was an obvious choice… LOL! “RUNNINGS” is the river path and when you combine the two you get GHOUL RUNNINGS. It is also a fun take-off of the 1993 movie: “COOL RUNNINGS” about the Jamaican Bobsled Team that overcame many obstacles to compete in the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, Alberta, Canada (Sorry… I know I am showing my age… but it is a fun movie… so if any of your Gen XYZ’s out there… ask your family about it or rent it… best part… it is based on a true story!).

We have a lot to do between NOW and Memorial Day Weekend… which will be our official DEBUT… We look forward to meeting many old friends and new friends as we embark on this exciting and challenging journey into a NEW and FUN adventure in business!

Yours in more FUN for 2021!

Beth A. Turner

Beth A. Turner – Owner/Operator
And Ghoul Runnings Yak Crew

Press Release

A new Kayak Adventure Business starts up in Fremont, Ohio. With a maiden voyage scheduled for May of 2021. Ghoul Runnings, LLC will offer guided and self-guided tours including safety and training classes. They will be launching on both the Sandusky River and the Fremont Reservoir among other Sandusky County hot-spot yakking locations.

Owner, Beth Turner says this is like a “Dream come true” for her. It all started about 3 years ago after the City of Fremont tore down the old Ballville Dam. Beth Turner and her husband Bob had operated Thornwood Public Golf and the F.O.R.T. facility for 15 years from 1988 - 2003. They continue to run the Haunted Hydro Dark Attraction Park which is now in its 32nd season. Both these businesses border the Sandusky River. When the Ballville Dam was in use it required all watercraft to portage any trip using the Sandusky River. Since removal of the dam they have noticed quite a change in the water levels and its true potential usage. Also with Lake Erie levels at an all-time high this is a contributing factor for more enjoyable river opportunities. Either way Beth, her family and the Hydro cast and crew members have been enjoying runs down the River for the past three seasons. It convinced her it was time to start a business once again to offer both locals and visitors a chance to see the scenic river sights.

In discussions with Mayor Sanchez and the City of Fremont an opportunity arose of utilizing the old Portage Trail Canoe Livery A-Frame and Parking area on River Rd. adjacent to the Fremont Reservoir. This came as an extra bonus for Beth, as she was a teenager when her brother-in-law Tom Kashmer ran a similar business for 25 years. Beth admits this is going to be so surreal to fix up what will be the “Yak-Shack” and be able to revitalize and reinvent a new watercraft business from Ghoul Runnings, LLC the same site as her family who put their blood, sweat and tears into it 40 some years ago. It is Beth’s goal to bring her business full-circle and use today’s marketing and technology, the love of the great outdoors and nature to create a successful and exciting new business for Fremont and Sandusky County. Some kayaking concepts which will be offered as guided tours include a variety of 2 and 4 hour trips. Ideas include: a history tour, singles kayaking group, bird and nature, sunset, moonlight and more. Ghoul Runnings is also looking at starting up some competitive events as well including: fishing derbies, speed and maneuverability, krazy-kraft kayak event and more. Online event tickets and onsite sales will be available through www.GhoulRunnings.com and their business location at the Yak-Shack on River Road in Fremont starting in May 2021.


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